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e20 working with cisco uc500

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Created by: Stefan Petrov on 26-01-2011 02:12:02 PM
Hi to all, first of all that's a great forum, congrats!

I'm trying to make a SIP call between edge95, 1700MXP and e20, using cisco UC500 for a registrater. All of them are registering correctly to the cisco   but that's all. When I try to make a sip call a receive an error 65 on the tandberg units 

Cause No. 65 - Bearer Capability Not Implemented
This cause indicates that the equipment sending this cause does not support the bearer capability requested.

I've disabled H.264 on the units because I'd read that the UC doesn't support it..

Does anybody know if it's possible tandberg units to work correctly with the cisco UC?

Thank's for advance!
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