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Edge 95 reboot problems

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Created by: Graeme Kay on 16-08-2011 12:56:50 PM

We have had 3 jobs this week with edge problems while in a call. All are in different sites / companies and on software 8.2, 9.02 and 9.1.

They all have the same symptoms, the video disappears of near end at far end and then the call drops. The unit then lies unresponsive until it has had a reboot.

Is this a common problem? We took logs of one unit when the call dropped and got these back:

PCIComWoTxSend: qpend timeout(>50ms)
PCI: Declaring device /dev/pci4 dead
PNX1500_SendFSMMsg: Write error on device /dev/pci4

Any help provided will be appreciated.

Many thanks,

Subject: RE: Edge 95 reboot problems
Replied by: Jason Olsen on 11-10-2011 07:00:11 PM
I had the same problems with a bunch of our 95MXPs, randomly in a call the unit would hard reboot.  We had a case open with Tandberg a while ago and in the end they replaced a bunch of units but I don't think this really fixed the issue.

Lately It seems the reboot is happening after the call ends.  We are running F8.3 on all our units.

If you find out anything more let me know I'd love to know what is really causing this.
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