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F 8.0 release notes

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Created by: Mohammad Abdel-Mordi on 04-07-2009 09:37:02 PM

i neticed some changes in software ver f8.0 from previous versions

1- when i press  layout button , it split the screen two equal divisions ( far site , near site ) when i press again it display far site full screen

in previous versions , i could change the size diffrence btween far and near

2- when one of partcipants send presentaion it displayed instead of one of them , so i can't display far end video , nearend video and presentaion at the same time .

3- what about integration with Microsoft OCS 2007 setting ,

I need answer for these points

thank you

Subject: RE: F 8.0 release notes
Replied by: Oyvind Bjorstad on 07-07-2009 09:39:10 AM

1) Make sure “xConfiguration Video Outputs ScreenFormatPC” is 16:9

2) Related to 1)

3) I don't understand your question.



Subject: RE: F 8.0 release notes
Replied by: Markus Schuermann on 16-09-2009 06:35:06 PM
Hi Mohammed,
a bit easier:
1. Got to menu -> general -> screen settings and select either on Video out or Monitor out "wide"
2. Check in menu -> presentation -> Start to Auto + H.239 on. if doesn´t work check function while in a  call on Manual addition to dual video and select PC. Main Video should be set to Main Cam and duo to PC. If still doesn´t work check far site capabilities!
3.OCS integration possible after version F6.0.  It is a SIP client to the OCS. More helpful info is attached.
Hope this helps.
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