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Finesse Team Performance Show Not Ready Reason Code

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Created by: David Macias on 25-02-2013 03:50:57 PM
I'm trying to figure out if there's a simple way to change the default Team Performance gadget and add the Not Ready Reason Code to it.  Anyone come up with a solution for that?

Thank you,


Subject: RE: Finesse Team Performance Show Not Ready Reason Code
Replied by: David Lender on 26-02-2013 11:10:52 AM
Seems like this would be a good candidate for a Finesse enhancement request (to add the reason code to the Team Performance gadget).
Community Member

FYI I have this Information from the TAC:

Team Performance gadget has been schedule for an enhancement in the next release of Finesse 10.5(1).

This enhancement appears in the Team Performance gadget and will show an agent who is in Not Ready state with the associated reason code.



Hello Oliver,

Do you know by chance if the Team Performance gadget enhancement in the next release of Finesse 10.5 will show an agent ID as well?

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I am running UCCX 10.6(1) and see that the TeamPerformance.jsp now shows the custom reason codes.

however, can we further enhance this to also show the system-generated not reason codes ?  

In my UCCX deployment, we do alot of outbound calls and inbound non-ICD calls and all of these are being reported in the TeamPerformance.JSP file as 'not ready' to the supervisor.  So they do not know if the person is on a non-ACD call or just at their desk in 'not ready'.

For example, if we could add the logic below to the Team Performance gadget that would be great.   The below code is from a custom CUIC live report using thresholds to replace the numeric reason code.   This works fine in a custom CUIC report embedded into Finesse, but it is a second place that the Supervisor has to view.    Also, when embedding this CUIC live report into Finesse, the supervisor has access to see all agents across all teams, instead of just their team.

Equal To:32762 (Text:Outbound Call)

Equal To:32761 (Text:Inbound Call)

Equal To:32763 (Text:Ring No Answer)

Equal To:32760 (Text:Initial Logon)

Equal To:32758 (Text:After Call Work)

Equal To:32759 (Text:Phone Reconnect)

Cisco Employee

Unfortunately this isn't part of the product yet.  Finesse doesn't know the labels for system reason codes.


Are there plans to add this functionality?  I know there are alot of system generated reasons, but adding the common codes (like I reference above) would be very beneficial.

Not having this is really becoming a problem for the call center supervisors and managers.

As a secondary option, is there anyway Cisco can provide the source for the TeamPerformance.jsp so that I can try and customize this myself ?

Cisco Employee

We do want to add this functionality.  I agree this is important.  It is not coming in Finesse 11.0 however.  Hopefully we can address in the next major release after 11.0.

Community Member

We are new to Finesse. Working in v10.6, Supervisor's are not happy with not knowing what agents are doing when in "not ready" state. Has this issue been resolved?

Cisco Employee


Yes, this issue was addressed in Finesse 11.0.



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