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Format for ANI and DNIS

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Created by: null on 13-09-2003 11:00:24 PM
I've got a few questions related to ANI and DNIS format:

1) If ANI or DNIS is blocked, unknown, lost, invalid, or whatever, Audium always returns string 'NA' (both capitals), is that correct? Are there any known cases when invalid or unknown ANI or DNIS could be null, empty or anything else?

2) How many digits returned for ANI or DNIS, if it is a)a long distance call or b)overseas call?

3) Could be 7-digit format, if yes, for what cases?

4) Is there any difference in returned format for inbound and outbound calls?

Thank you.

Subject: RE: Format for ANI and DNIS
Replied by: null on 15-09-2003 04:39:42 PM
Hi Tatiana,

The 3.3 Audium Server simply stores as ANI, DNIS, UUI, and IIDIGITS whatever is sent to it as parameters to the initial URL as session.telephone.ani, session.telephone.dnis, session.telephone.uui, and session.telephone.iidigits (ANI can also be sent as session.connection.remote.uri and DNIS can also be sent as session.connection.local.uri).

If the value comes in as null, "", "N/A", or "NA", Audium will report it as "NA", so there will never be a situation where Audium will return a null.

As for the other questions, these are questions you need to ask the voice browser manufacturer or your telephony provider as they are related to the telephony infrastructure, not the Audium software. Again, Audium simply reports what it receives from the voice browser.

Note that in the API, you have access to the "area code" and the "exchange". The area code is calculated as the first 3 digits of the ANI and the exchange the next 3 digits, so if you get an international call, these will not return useful information. The ANI, however, will be as it is received so you can cut it up as you wish yourselves. Its best to not use those two helper methods if you are expecting international calls.

Hope this helps!
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