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Getting Axis-2 to run under CVP

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Created by: Rich Bartolucci on 22-01-2009 03:19:24 PM
We're running CVP 4.0 under Java 5 and are developing an application whose custom elements use Axis 2 to connect to some internal web services. In the past we've used Axis 1 for our web services, placing axis.jar in the java/application/lib folder and the couple supporting jars in java/util/lib. This configuration works for us in both Studio and for deployment on the VXML Server.

With Axis 2 we've been trying different combinations of where to put the 58 supporting jars (application/lib vs util/lib) but have not been successful. We are consistantly running into "ClassNotFound" errors due to some strange unrelated references in these supporting jars, and have recently begun to get PermGen: Out of Memory errors.

Has anyone had any luck with getting Axis 2 to run under CVP?

Subject: Re: Getting Axis-2 to run under CVP
Replied by: Elam Birnbaum on 26-01-2009 05:44:44 PM
Hi Rich,

Keep in mind that VXML Server will explicitly load all of the classes in the JAR files stored in the common/lib and the java/application/lib folders. This involves loading the classes into memory so that when an instance is needed of the class it does not require loading from a file. What this does, however, is add to the memory footprint and for libraries that will not change and are not directly related to the VXML Server application it may not be necessary.

Here are some places where you may wish to try to put these JARs:

  • Since these JARs are not necessarily dependent on the application, you can put these JARs in the classpath for the application server itself. For example with Tomcat, the Tomcat folder contains its own common/lib in which you can place these JARs. This will give Axis access to any web application deployed on Tomcat, including VXML Server. Refer to the documentation of your application server to determine where the comparable place is on that server.
  • The JAR files placed in the java/util/lib folder are not explicitly loaded like classes in the java/application/lib directory so they will not take up memory. They are, however, added to the classpath so will be loaded as needed. This option allows one to keep all these Axis JARs partitioned on a per-application basis without the memory overhead of loading all the classes.
Hope this helps!
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