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How to use Java in CVP

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Created by: Ganesh Yegneshwaran on 01-05-2009 08:33:34 PM
 I m relatively new to the world of CVP. I m trying to pass the user input from CVP to a simple Java Program and return the length of the String from Java back to CVP.
Can someone brief me how to go about it ?Should I really go to Servlets for such a small step? Can I get some basic procedures on how to integrate my CVP Call Flow with Java.

Subject: RE: How to use Java in CVP
Replied by: Christopher LeBlanc on 03-05-2009 09:06:56 PM
Hi Ganesh,
Are you talking about DTMF input from the caller?
Are you using CVP Standalone or Comprehensive (using ICM)?
Are you using micro-apps to collect the user input or an applicaiton in the VXML Server?
Does the only thing that your Java program do is calculate the length of the user input?

Subject: RE: How to use Java in CVP
Replied by: Ganesh Yegneshwaran on 05-05-2009 07:21:37 PM
We are on a comprehensive deployment model currently with a few microapps. We are looking to build a full fledged IVR functionality.
What I m trying to understand is to how integrate a simple Java Program with my application flow built in CVP Studio.My understanding is that if not all, a majority of your programming features like String manipulation ,Array handling , File handling is not readily available on Call Studio.
So if I have a Java that already does these, how do I tie it with Call Studio?

Subject: RE: How to use Java in CVP
Replied by: Ranjana Narayan on 06-05-2009 04:19:24 AM
Hi Ganesh,

You can integrate your java snippets into CVP application by writing custom elements. Based on your requirement you can choose to develop either a standard action element- by extending the ActionElementBase and overriding doAction() method with your string operations code, or a decision element -by extending DecisionElementBase and overriding doDecision() method.
You would choose the actionelement when there is particular backend business logic that needs to be executed and decisionelement when a funtion needs to decide how the call flow branches out.
Refer the Programming Guide at for more information on how to develop custom elements and the type of elements available.

Hope this helps,

Subject: RE: How to use Java in CVP
Replied by: Ganesh Yegneshwaran on 06-05-2009 08:17:02 PM
That was helpful. A little surprising that a basic function like String manipulation would have to fall back on plain old programming. The New Feature discussion  about Jam IP Xpressware is now making sense to me.
Thanks Ranjana.
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