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Implementation to get call state events and call info events from UCM

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Created by: Virinchi Garimella on 25-11-2008 12:51:39 PM
Are there any API's or libraries available to implement with TAPI in my customer application so that my app can establish a Monitor-Mode connection with the TAPI services in the UCM, and get the call state events (like in SCCP) OFF_HOOK, ON_HOOK, ON_HOLD, etc., from which I can get the call info details like the calling party (customer/gateway), called party (phone extension or agent id), call type (Inbound/Outbound) details, etc.,

When contacting TAC, the link provided was the following one:

In this link, we found information to implement a complete TAPI phone. Not sure, do I get this information in the sent link document, I don't think so. If yes, kindly let us know these bookmarks in this document.

An example of what we are looking for:

There will be hard phones already existing in the network which will be used by agents to receive or make customer calls. I will have my Customer App (TAPI implemented) application when started will create an initial Monitor-Mode connection with the TAPI services in the Call Manager.

  • So when an agent receives a customer call, my app would get a RINGING event for this agent in my apps from TAPI services. 
  • When the agent picks up the call, my app would get CALL_START or OFF_HOOK event message for this agent. 
  • When the agent puts the caller on hold, my app would get a ON_HOLD event against this agent.
  • When the customer or agent ends the call, my app would get a CALL_START OR ON_HOOK event message for this call.
  • For all the above bullets and for similar such events, my app would also get the call info message/event details like calling party, called party, call type.

Kindly provide with the necessary information.


Subject: Re: Implementation to get call state events and call info events from UCM
Replied by: David Staudt on 25-11-2008 02:58:01 PM
The Cisco TAPI implementation can certainly provide the type of integration you describe. Please see the TAPI documentation page for available documentation, sample applications and other information:

As TAPI is a widely used Microsoft technology, there are several resources available on the web.

Note, JTAPI is also available, with similar capabilities, for Java-based development:

Another approach you might be interested in is CUAE:

The CUAE platform provides .NET and Java libraries for easy integration of call monitoring/control functionality into existing applications, as well as a complete graphical drag/drop development environment.

Subject: RE: Implementation to get call state events and call info events from UCM
Replied by: John Nguyen on 02-09-2013 05:47:46 AM
Hi Virinchi,
I currently have a need to do exactly as you have stated in your problem statement in your original post. I know it has been several years since the post. Were you ever able to complete such an application? If so, would you be willing to share your solution or point me in the correct direction?
Thanks in advance,
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