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Importing Audio Projects

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Created by: null on 18-07-2006 10:19:28 PM
I am trying to share a project I have written with another developer on the team. We are using the import project and are unsuccessfully being able to view the callflow. The HELP funtionality indicates that import does not copy the contents of the studio project. Well then what is import to be used for and how can developers share projects in order to troubleshoot problems? Thank you.

Subject: my apologies
Replied by: null on 19-07-2006 02:34:13 AM
for using the word Audio when I meant Audium. It all started becuase I was trying to explain a tricky Audio File design in an Audium project. I figured it was easier to just send my project to the other developer and that's where this all started. no disrespect meant... Thanks.

Subject: RE: my apologies
Replied by: Vance Vagell on 19-07-2006 04:05:56 PM
Hi Angela,

Most voice application designers that collaborate on Audium applications use a source control server to work on project concurrently alongside other designers. Audium Studio comes with a plugin for CVS, which is a popular source control server. Additionally, you can download Eclipse plugins (which will work with Audium Studio) for many other common source control servers. For more information on this topic, please refer to the following Audium Knowledge Base article:

"How to use source control to manage an Audium application"


Subject: Thanks - good info - follow up question
Replied by: null on 19-07-2006 04:39:10 PM
At the most basic level - can't I just e-mail an application to another developer so they can look at it? I have tried that but the callflow is empty. Perhaps another way to ask this question is how do I download the Audium examples listed on your website and have them be readable? I tried dowloading and using the import function and again I can't see the call flow. I am assuming I am just either using the incorrect tool (import) or not using it properly. I can always see the applications in the Navigator but the callflow is always empty and all I can do is read the elements via XML. Thanks.

Subject: RE: Thanks - good info - follow up question
Replied by: Vance Vagell on 19-07-2006 05:12:03 PM
Hi Angela,

For detailed information (including screenshots) of how to import Audium applications into Audium Studio, please refer to Studio's online documentation. You can access the relevant help file by doing the following:

1) Click on Help -> Help Contents.
2) Expand the "Audium User Guide" section.
3) Double-click on the help file named "Import an existing Audium Project" located in Audium Studio -> Audium Builder -> Audium Projects.

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