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Inbox Message Count

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Created by: Charles Xu on 05-11-2009 01:15:12 PM
We have 2 questions as below:

l  One is about the count of VOICE message in Inbox Folder: We are now querying `vmrest/mailbox/folders/inbox¿ to get the message count, however the number is for total Inbox messages, which includes voice/fax/email/etc.. If we wanna know the count of voice messages, which API can we use? I tried applying `type=voice¿ filter to `vmrest/mailbox/folders/inbox¿ query but it failed. The background is, we didn¿t want to use `vmrest/mailbox/folders/inbox/messages¿ since it will return all messages with details, that is we are trying to avoid for performance.

l  One is about sorting: According to CUMI API( the sorting function is supported via ¿sortkey" and "sortorder" parameters as: sortkey=Read,ArrivalTime&sortorder=ASCENDING,DESCENDING. I tried it but it seems I failed to make it.

Subject: RE: Inbox Message Count
Replied by: David Wanagel on 05-11-2009 01:26:07 PM
I took a look at the implementation of count and discovered we are at the mercy of the underlying message layer and that does not support filters on the generic folder message count.  So it seems that despite the performance hit, the only way right now to get a  count for a specific type is to call the messages URI along with the specific type.  It may be possible to look into getting a filter on the folder count, but I'm pretty sure it is too late in the 8.0 development cycle to get it in the next release.
Sorting being broken is a known issue, but I haven't had a chance to look into the implementation.  We can respond back to this thread when it has been fixed and promoted.
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