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Insert attach data

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Created by: Danilo Goncalves on 09-10-2012 01:07:02 PM

My customer has a need to sending an information in attach data to the front end CTI OS of the Agent. And I don't know anything about programming.
The flow are basically: PSTN VG -> IVR Dígitro -> SIP -> CUCM -> SIP -> CVP -> ICM -> Agent.
The scripts are located in the IVR Digitro and the EC field (customer id) must appear on the front end CTI OS, so the IVR Dígitro needs to forward the attach data via SIP Header to CUCM. Right?
I configured the Normalization in CUCM, and the test of CUCM to the CVP works, the information goes to the agent's screen correctly.
I'm not able to do the CUCM make a bypass that attach data when the information comes from IVR Digitro. I understand that this case must to configure the transparency, right?
I used the LUA script, but still is not working. What could it be?
Thanks in advance.

Subject: RE: Insert attach data
Replied by: Mark Stover on 07-05-2013 09:14:42 AM
CUCM should transparently pass any 'unknown' headers through from one call leg to another. If the information is in a header that is 'known' to CUCM, it will consume the header (it is a B2BUA) instead of passing it transparently. Your transparency script has to make an unknown-header item out of the known header and put it back when it leaves CUCM in order to pass through transparently. This is described in the Developer Guide section on Transparency.
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