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JTAPI Events for Ringing, Answered, Idle, Hold

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Created by: Leon Roy on 31-05-2010 11:26:45 AM
I'm working a CTI plugin for Openfire using Cisco JTAPI to allow a user to control their Cisco phone using their computer.
To work out the terminal state I'm using the following JTAPI events:
CallCtlTermConnDroppedEv (IDLE)
CallCtlTermConnHeldEv (ON_HOLD)
CallCtlTermConnTalkingEv (CONNECTED)
CallCtlTermConnRingingEv (RINGING)
1. Are these the right events to use?
2. I've noticed that I don't always get these CallCtl* events. But I always see the TermConn* events.
3. Any advantages using CallCtl vs. TermConn events?

Subject: RE: JTAPI Events for Ringing, Answered, Idle, Hold
Replied by: Abhishek Malhotra on 03-06-2010 11:36:24 AM
The Call Control Package extends the Core API by providing more advanced features and more detailed information about the call model. The more advanced features take the form of additional methods on the call control objects: Call, Connection, Terminal, Address, and TerminalConnection. The Call Control Package provides more detailed information about the call model, using an extended set of states on the Connection and TerminalConnection objects.
Please refer to the Java Docs of CallCtl package for more information.
Java Docs for Sun Spec v1.2 is available at:
Java Docs for CiscoJTAPI gets copied when you install CiscoJTAPI and can be accessed through:
StartMenu->Programs->CiscoJTAPI->"Cisco Unified Communications Manager JTAPI Javadocs"
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