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JTapi Preferences advanced settings

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Created by: Stefania Oliviero on 10-09-2013 10:59:36 AM
Anyone knows what's the meaning of the Advanced settings such as Post Condition Timeout, Use Progress as Disconnect ?

Subject: RE: JTapi Preferences advanced settings
Replied by: Abhishek Malhotra on 12-09-2013 04:11:21 AM
Regarding Post Condition Timeout, this is what Developer guide say:

Application should always terminate the code with #, otherwise system waits for T302 timer before extending the call. For these cases, application could get postConditionTimeOut exception for call.connect() or call.consult() but call may actually be offered. If apps need to avoid this, either all the digits with # terminated string are entered with post condition timeout (which is by default 15 sec in JTAPI Prefs UI) in the PlatformException or increase the postcondition timeout.

So, essentially JTAPI waits for the configured postconditiontimeout for the call to get succesfully initiated else it throws an exception saying Post Condition Failed for call.connect or consult.
For example, In a scenario where T302 timer on cisco unified communication manager is configured to be greather than JTAPI post condition timeout, Cisco Unified Communication manager would wait till T302 timer expires before extending call to the destination however JTAPI request would timeout before that happens because its post condition timeout is less than T302 timer.

Regarding Use Progress as Disconnect, this is what Developer guide says:

If an outbound call is initiated through the API to an unallocated directory number across the European PSTN, the application will perceive the ConnFailedEv event with the cause as CiscoCallEv.CAUSE_UNALLOCATEDNUMBER. For the US PSTN, the application may not see any event. To make the behavior consistent across the European and American PSTNs and also to address backward compatibility issues, a new service parameter UseProgressAsDisconnectedDuringErrorEnabled was added to the jtapi.ini file starting with JTAPI Version 1.4(3.21), which, when enabled (1=enable; 0=disable; the default is disable), causes applications to perceive ConnFailedEv in both cases.

Hope that helps.

Subject: RE: JTapi Preferences advanced settings
Replied by: Stefania Oliviero on 12-09-2013 04:43:02 AM
Thanks a lot.
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