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language setting for CVP

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Created by: null on 22-02-2005 01:56:41 AM
During the course at Cisco in Syd, we found that the properties language setting had to be "en-us" as opposed to "en-US" or anything else - the latter would not work (don't recall the symptoms or error).

Subject: RE: language setting for CVP
Replied by: null on 22-02-2005 05:49:58 PM
When you say it didn't work, are you referring to a runtime error or an error with Studio?

If it was a runtime error, then this would indicate an issue with the Cisco browser not liking capital letters. I believe that the specification for these values allow for capital letters.

I'll let our guys know so they can contact Cisco.

Subject: Known Issue
Replied by: null on 23-02-2005 04:42:30 PM
Author : jwolfeld
Subject : Known Nuance issue
Message :

This is a known issue with Nuance. The workaround is already published in the CVP 3.0 release notes.
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