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Large Meeting Migration Behavior in CTX 1.2

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Created by: Dustin Grant on 30-05-2013 05:16:51 PM

What is the behavior and/or procedure for merging our existing Small and Large meeting Resource Groups after the upgrade to CTX 1.2?  Can we simply delete the Large Meeting resource group, or will that impact existing scheduled meetings that use that resource group?

Subject: RE: Large Meeting Migration Behavior in CTX 1.2
Replied by: John Yontz on 30-05-2013 06:29:05 PM
Hi Dustin,
The upgrade migration logic will automatically convert the resources and the pools to remove the large designations.  For each pool that was designated as large, it will either be merged into an identical non-large pool (i.e. identical in every way except for large-ness), or if no such identical pool can be found, it will be converted into a regular (i.e. non-large) pool.  Also, all resources marked as "large" will be converted to regular (i.e. non-large) resources.  You should not have to do anything special (such as delete anything) to achieve this, although after the upgrade, you may want to change the name or description of resources or resource groups to remove references to large-ness.
- John
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