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MCU participant.add

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Created by: Jason Shaffer on 30-07-2013 10:11:14 AM
Hi Cisco Dev Team,

From the Admin Conference UI we can add public accessible endpoint to the conference via SIP.  As a note we have not SIP Registrar/Proxy setup nor H323 GK/GW as there will be no calls into the MCU.  It seems that when we attempt to add a participant using SIP via API, the system is still using H323.  We've tried setting a couple of the other optional param's with no joy.  Here is a simplest POST:

 1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
 5 <param>
 6  <value>
 7   <struct>
 8    <member>
 9     <name>conferenceName</name>
10     <value>
11      <string>Conf01</string>
12     </value>
13    </member>
14    <member>
15     <name>participantName</name>
16     <value>
17      <string>Quan Ccc</string>
18     </value>
19    </member>
20    <member>
21     <name>address</name>
22     <value>
23      <string></string>
24     </value>
25    </member>
26    <member>
27     <name>participantProtocal</name>
28     <value>
29      <string>sip</string>
30     </value>
31    </member>
32    <member>
33     <name>authenticationUser</name>
34     <value>
35      <string>admin</string>
36     </value>
37    </member>
38    <member>
39     <name>authenticationPassword</name>
40     <value>
41      <string>12345</string>
42     </value>
43    </member>
44   </struct>
45  </value>
46 </param>

It's returning a success but when we go to the Admin page of the conference, we see this:

Any thoughts?



Subject: Automatic reply: New Message from Jason Shaffer in TelePresence Developer -
Replied by: Mahesha Ruge on 30-07-2013 12:16:11 PM

I'm on PTO starting 8th Jul to 2nd Aug and will have no/limited access to my mails during this period.

I'll respond to you when I'm back on 5th Aug. Until then you can reach out to, for any priority requests please contact Santhosh (

Thanks and Regards,
Mahesha Ruge B.

Subject: RE: MCU participant.add
Replied by: Jason Shaffer on 30-07-2013 03:10:21 PM
I guess the PTO responses is good to know let one the mailer is working...  

Subject: RE: MCU participant.add
Replied by: Jason Shaffer on 12-08-2013 01:04:31 AM
Hi Dev Team,

Just wanted to see if anyone had an answer for this.



Subject: RE: MCU participant.add
Replied by: Thomas Bonhomme on 12-08-2013 05:09:07 AM
Hi Jason,

Could you try with the right spelling? It's "participantProtocol", with an "O".

Subject: RE: MCU participant.add
Replied by: Jason Shaffer on 14-08-2013 07:20:00 PM
Thats twice now.  Sorry about that Thomas.
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