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MeetMe and Adhoc conference call participants

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Created by: Muhammad Sabir on 10-05-2010 06:21:43 PM
Do we have access to the participant list via JTAPI in MeetMe and AdHoc conference calls if we are observing the conference line? If so, what kind of details about the participants do we get -- when they join, drop, the caller ID of the participants (and more info. for those phones that are within the Cisco UC cluster).

Subject: RE: MeetMe and Adhoc conference call participants
Replied by: Mohan Potluri on 11-05-2010 01:01:54 AM
When MeetMe conference is used Cisco JTAPI doesn't show the other participants. In consult conference all the participants have connections in the call even when they are not observed.
Application can loop through the connections in the call (call.getConnections()) and get the address of each connection. This will give all the participant in the conference call. With recent versions of CUCM <code>getPartyInfo() on CiscoCOnnection can be used to get additional information. </code>

Subject: RE: MeetMe and Adhoc conference call participants
Replied by: Muhammad Sabir on 11-05-2010 11:10:00 AM
This is about CUCM 7.1(2) and newer.
So in MeetMe call, we can't loop through the connections via call.getConnections()?
Basically, I am developing an app where on any type of call (MeetMe, adHoc conference, consult conference), users have an option to view the latest participant list. In this case all participants are going to be from within the UC environment.
What if a third party calls the pre-determined list of Cisco UC numbers ("blast dial") to initiate a conference call? If we observing those lines, should we be ablt to use call.getConnections or CiscoConnection and getPartyInfo?

Subject: RE: MeetMe and Adhoc conference call participants
Replied by: Mohan Potluri on 12-05-2010 04:21:51 PM
In meet me conference each participant is on a different call unlike in consult conference or join. BTW meet me conference is not a fully tested / supported feature from Cisco JTAPI perspective. In each meet me conference call you will see 2 connections - one for the caller and the other for meet me number. If N participants in the meet me call are observed then application will see N different calls.
If conference is done using the consult/conference API or through conferene/join softkeys on the phone, application can find all the participants including non observing participants by go through call.getConnections().


I want to start Meet Me without the softkey of phone.

I have source code in TAPI, anyway It is posible in JTAPI?


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