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More External VXML

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Created by: Christopher LeBlanc on 25-09-2008 08:52:25 PM
From NetPro:

I don't have the license for the VXML Server yet, so, I decide to implement my own VXML Server. I set the Run External Script node on ICM to hit my Internet Information Server, then, my web server has to return a VXML Document (exactly as the VXML Server do)

1) I would need a sniplet of VXML Document generated when you invoke the VXML Server from the ICM Script using the Run External Script node.
In the VXML Studio I know you have to start with a Subdialog_Start and end with a Subdialog_Return. Well, I need the VXML document generated by these steps.

2) I tested return from my web server the following XML.
(Monitoring the script on the ICM it has no return error, but it does not go to the following node. I suppose because it does not have the subdialog return code.
I love if someone can tell me how to modify this XML to makes it work.)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<vxml version="2.0">
<form id="CustomerVXML" scope="dialog">
<prompt bargein="true">
<audio src="" />
<catch event="error.badfetch">
<return event="error.badfetch"/>
<catch event="error.semantic">
<return event="error.semantic"/>
<catch event = "error.unsupported.format">
<return event="error.unsupported.format"/>
<catch event = "error.unsupported.element">
<return event="error.unsupported.element"/>
<catch event="telephone.disconnect.hangup">
<return event="telephone.disconnect.hangup"/>
<catch event="error">
<return event="error"/>

thank you in advance,

Subject: Re: More External VXML
Replied by: Christopher LeBlanc on 25-09-2008 08:58:34 PM
Hi Marcello,

While it is definitely doable to configure ICM to use static VoiceXML pages, VXML Server offers much more benefits.

Static VoiceXML pages can become very hard to maintain for larger apps and require knowledge of VoiceXML.

Call Studio and VXML Server allows you to abstract the tedious task of writing VoiceXML pages and rather allow you to concentrate on creating business logic in your applications. Additionally, customization of VXML Server allows you to interact with any external systems you wish, such as databases, MQ Servers and other web applications, to name a few, practically out of the box.

If there is a specific functionality you are looking for, Cisco Developer Services can work with your company on a separate agreement to add customization that would match your specific needs.

I would strongly suggest giving VXML Server a try. I believe you should be able to obtain a trial version of CVP and see the full potential of the solution.

Hope this helps,


Edited by: Christopher LeBlanc on Sep 25, 2008 5:23 PM

Edited by: Christopher LeBlanc on Sep 25, 2008 5:36 PM

Subject: Re: More External VXML
Replied by: Wade Gong on 26-09-2008 04:30:26 PM
Also, the "Subdialog_Start" and "Subdialog_Return" are the two special elements used by Cisco VXML Studio, so only the Cisco VXML Server knows and generates VXML document for these two elements. The VXML document generated will be sent to Cisco Voice Gateway (as voice browser) to be executed. Please not be confused with the standard VoiceXML "subdialog" component. Unless you implement a VoiceXML server that is the same or compatible to process Cisco VXML Studio application (which is proprietary), "Subdialog_Start" and "Subdialog_Return" will not mean anything to your VXML server.
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