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Mute all remote participants button

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Created by: Jonas Kjellberg on 19-10-2011 10:28:56 AM

I have C90 codec with firmware 4.2.1. From the C90s MCU(multisite option) we establish a connect to two different C40 codecs. It has happend that the audio from C40 No.1 is sent to C40 No2. What we want to to is to keep the C90 in fullscreenmode and all audio and video should be sent from C90 to the two C40s. The C40s should not be able to send their audio or video to each other.

What I do now to archieve this is the following:

I can mute other participants through SSH using the
xCommand Experimental Audio RemoteInput Mute Callid: 42

At the same time I was sending the command I was connected to the codec with TC Console to see what happend, and they were muted correctly. Remote input and output pair is popping up once a call is established.

What I need to know now is the following:

Is there a single xcommand which can mute all remote participants? Something like:

xCommand Experimental Audio RemoteInput Mute Callid: ALL

I want to automate the process.

Is it possible to program an AMX or Crestron system to mute all remote participants with one single command(button)?

If that is not possible...Can I ask the system which callids are active and collect those IDs. And then send a new command which mute those active call ids??


Subject: RE: Mute all remote participants button
Replied by: David Bruun-Lie on 19-10-2011 11:16:47 AM
Hei Jonas,

A good idea but no, today you need to mute all sites independently. You can issue the command "xStatus call" to list out all current calls. The result will look something like this:

 1xstatus call
 2*s Call 25 Status: Connected
 3*s Call 25 Direction: Outgoing
 4*s Call 25 Protocol: "h323"
 5*s Call 25 CallType: Video
 6*s Call 25 RemoteNumber: ""
 7*s Call 25 CallbackNumber: ""
 8*s Call 25 DisplayName: ""
 9*s Call 25 TransmitCallRate: 3072
10*s Call 25 ReceiveCallRate: 3072
11*s Call 25 Encryption Type: "Aes-128"
12*s Call 25 PlacedOnHold: False
13*s Call 25 Duration: 12
14** end

"25" is the callId you are interested in.

If you just need the callId on calls you can subscribe to the Call Status - Status changes by registering the feedback expression "xfeedback register status/call/Status" on startup in AMX/Crestron module. This will give the following feedback on the API:

 2*s Call 27 Status: Dialling
 3** end
 4*s Call 27 Status: Connecting
 5** end
 6*s Call 28 Status: Ringing
 7** end
 8*s Call 27 Status: Connected
 9** end
10*s Call 27 Status: Idle
11** end

To force a video layout like you want you can issue the following commands:

On Startup of AMX/Crestron module:
1xCommand Video Layout Add LayoutId: 1
2xCommand Video Layout Frame Add LayoutId: 1 FrameId: 1 PositionX: 0 PositionY: 0 Width: 10000 Height: 10000 Layer: 1 Border: Off   VideoSourceType: localMain

Each time calls are connected issue the command:

1xCommand Video Layout AssignCall  LayoutId: 1


Subject: RE: Mute all remote participants button
Replied by: Jonas Kjellberg on 19-10-2011 11:56:59 AM
Thank you.