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NFS Warnings in Director Health Section

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Created by: Daniel Bender on 22-04-2013 12:30:53 PM
We are seeing errors in the Health section of the Director node regarding NFS connectivity, we upgraded to 3.3.1 over the weekend using the published guide.  They all look something like this:
CRITICAL: STATUS filesystems: status failed (1) for /var/monit/ Error: Disk '/mnt/auto/cms' is NOT writable: 1
I have gone back through the installation and upgrade guide to ensure that the NFS server is setup correctly and I'm not seeing anything wrong.  The one part I am confused about is this:
c. If the root is squashed, enter the following commands to grant write permissions to the root user for these subdirectories:
chmod -R 775 /mnt/auto/cms
chmod -R 775 /mnt/auto/jms
chmod -R 775 /mnt/auto/backup  
Are these commands supposed to be run on the NFS server itself or the individual WES nodes that are connecting to it?  /mnt/auto doesn't exist on the NFS server so I'm inclined to think it needs to be done on the nodes, but when I try it there it tells me Operation not Permitted.  Is this a password mismatch issue or something?

Subject: RE: NFS Warnings in Director Health Section
Replied by: Daniel Bender on 24-04-2013 02:59:34 PM
No replies to this, I figured I would post what I did which seems to have fixed it.  At the very least it made the warnings go away.
I logged into the NFS server and entered the following commands:'
chmod -R 777 /export/webexsocial/cms
chmod -R 777 /export/webexsocial/jms
chmod -R 777 /export/webexsocial/backup
Not sure why this corrected it, nothing in the guide indicates you need to do this.  Would appreciate a reply from anyone who can explain why.
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