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No CallData values in studio app

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Created by: Eric Wiechman on 08-07-2009 01:11:06 PM
Integrated environment with ICM (SIP).  Studio version 7.0(2).
ANI and DNIS are not being sent by ICM to the studio application. I expect to see these values in the first few lines of the activity log in the ¿start¿ rows, rather they have values of ¿NA¿.  I also get ¿NA¿ when I specifically log CallData.ANI and DNIS.  (See abbreviated activity log below¿I¿ve omitted the extraneous info like IP, time & date stamps).
<<beginning of activity log>>
Two variables of CallData, DURATION and APP_NAME, do contain values.  
Here is how ICM is calling the studio application, ¿CallQualifier¿:
We had Cisco put in the ANI & DNIS specifically in the connect string and we do get these as Session Data, but we would prefer to get them ¿natively¿ using the CallData variables.
In my Studio Application, I am using a CVP Subdialog Start element after the Call Start element.  The settings for the CVP Subdialog Start are as follows:
Parameter: <<null>>
Store As: Session Data
Enable Digit Bypass: False

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.

Subject: RE: No CallData values in studio app
Replied by: Janine Graves on 08-07-2009 01:48:43 PM
Eric, When ICM passes data (ANI, DNIS, etc) it isn't stored in the regular ani and dnis call variables. It will be stored in Session data within the Studio application and be available as {Data.Session.ANI} and {Data.Session.DNIS} - you can NOT get them 'natively' as call data variables unless you are in a Cisco Standalone Environment where  ICM is not part of the environment. Right now, in your Activity log, right after the entries that contain the NA values, you should see lines that say something like 'Parameter,ANI,xxxxxxx' and similar for DNIS. They will be there automatically if these values were passed correctly from ICM.
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