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Odd logout behaviour

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Created by: Michael Babbs on 12-03-2010 10:35:35 AM
We have a client application that is using JavaCIL 6.0 and has been in production for a number of years.
We are beginning to see an issue (at least it has only recently been reported after increasing the number of agents using the application) whereby we receive an eLogout after the Logout method is called, but the Supervisor desktop indicates the agent is still eNotReady.
When the agent then attepts to log into a different extension number (even after killing the session), the eQueryAgentStateConf sends an argument where the field rArguments.GetValueString(CtiOs_IKeywordIDs.CTIOS_AGENTINSTRUMENT)
returns the value of the previous extension number.
i.e. Its as if the agent is still logged on.
However in our test environment we cannot replicate the issue, and the people reporting the issue don't believe this has always been happening so I'm a little confused as to why this is happening.
Any ideas would be appreciated !

Subject: RE: New Message from Michael Babbs in Computer Telephony Integration Object
Replied by: David Lender on 12-03-2010 03:08:58 PM
Is this reproduceable in production (you said no in your lab)?  If so,
duplicate it with the out of box ctios agent desktop and work with the
Cisco TAC to resolve.  If its not reproduceable, next time it happens
pull your JavaCil client log, the Supervisor desktop client log, and the
CTIOS Server log and open a SR with your CDN Developer Services

Subject: RE: New Message from Michael Babbs in Computer Telephony Integration Object
Replied by: Michael Babbs on 15-03-2010 02:49:02 PM
It is reproducable in production yes, but not in our test lab.
I have managed to get further though. It seems that the agent logs off normally, but when they attempt to logon again using a different extension, the client application is receiving the old extension value in the parameter yet I can see they are not logged on (monitoring via a different application).

to the event
However in our test environment the value is null.
I can see the same is true using the Sample phone, but it ignores the value and then receives logon events. If I remove the code that tests this value from the client app, then it too works. I'll have to do this if I can't determine why this value is being populated with the old value.
Any ideas why this value is populated incorrectly ?
(Ooops - just noticed my post is a virtual rehash of my earlier post - Anyway this is the issue).
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