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OnCallRetrieved don't raise during a conference

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Created by: Felipe Lopes on 28-05-2009 02:12:37 PM
Hello, I'm facing an error in a specific scenario where the OnCallRetrieved is not raised.

When I conference an agent that is on held state and he tries to retrieve the call (from hold). The call is retrieved sucessfully (I saw on hardphone), however the event OnCallRetrieved is not raised.

Reading the documentation I saw that this event is just generated when a call is on LCS_HELD state, I'm not sure if this is a valid scenario for raising a OnCallRetrieved, but if it isn't should I use in the CallRetrieveConfirmation to confirm that the retrieve was sucessfull?

Thank you, Felipe Lopes

Subject: RE: OnCallRetrieved don't raise during a conference
Replied by: Felipe Lopes on 02-06-2009 02:00:24 PM
Well, I tried to ignore the error and keep the application running, but what I get when I tried to hold the call again was this error:
"E_CTIOS_CALL_NOT_ALERTING during the execution of a Hold command"
So guys can you help me?
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