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Original Calling Party Number from monitored Route Point

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Created by: Matthew Mankus on 20-08-2013 08:35:07 AM
I am new to Jtapi and am trying to create a program for our emergency services. The actual emergency phones are on the voip network but the emergency services are on the PSTN. I am trying to create a screen pop on the emergency services PC with the caller id info of the emergency phone. I am having trouble capturing the original calling party information before it goes to the pstn. I am trying to capture the information from a route point but I am not sure if this is possible. I am not even sure I am taking the right approach to this problem. I really need some help with this so if someone could help me out I would be extremely grateful. Feel free to email me at Thanks

Matt Mankus

Subject: RE: Original Calling Party Number from monitored Route Point
Replied by: Matthew Mankus on 20-08-2013 10:00:36 AM
The emergency phones are all connected to VG-224s that have no CTI capabilities. There are two basic types of emergency phones we have set up. Inside phones are set up on a ringdown line to directly call emergency services when the phones are picked up and outside phones which are capable of dialing themselves. The 5 digit number programmed for the ringdown and dialers on the outside is translated to the 7 digit local number for the emergency services. I have been using the code in the sample CallerInfoServer class provided with the SDK as a base for my code. I tried set up a route point in call manager and set it to forward automatically to emergency services and then tried using the CallerInfoServer on the route point itself to see if it captured information the same way and it did not. Based on what you said I am assuming that within the application itself I need to instantiate a route point, capture the information from an incoming call, and then route the call to emergency services. The logic makes sense to me but I wouldn't know where to begin with the jtapi portion of the code.

Subject: RE: Original Calling Party Number from monitored Route Point
Replied by: David Staudt on 20-08-2013 09:39:31 AM
Can you provide some more details about the network topology (phones, CTI RPs, gateways, etc.), any address translations, how exactly you have tried to capture the required information and what are the difficulties (errors/unexpected data?)

I can suggest three possible approaches, each with various pros/cons:
- Use JTAPI to continuously monitor the target emergency phones.  New call events originating from the phone can be checked for called ID (i.e. the emergency number) and calling ID obtained.
- Have the application instantiate a CTI Route Point, and have all calls (or just emergency calls) from the target phones translated/routed to land on the CTI RP.  The application can then read the calling/called IDs, and redirect the call to its intended destination (i.e. the emergency number.)
- Use the CURRI interface in a way similar to #2, i.e. receive an HTTP message when a call hits the designated route pattern, read the calling/called IDs, and then respond to allow the call to continue to the emergency number

Subject: RE: Original Calling Party Number from monitored Route Point
Replied by: Matthew Mankus on 20-08-2013 01:44:07 PM
Is there any sample code that could help point me in the right direction? I have been scouring the internet for some code similar to what you are asking but I haven't found anything. Thanks for your help.

Subject: RE: Original Calling Party Number from monitored Route Point
Replied by: David Staudt on 21-08-2013 09:59:04 AM
I think you are on the right track.  See the 'CiscoRouteTerminal' section of the JTAPI guide for details on registering media and adding observers to get the CTI RP up and receiving call events.  The JTAPI test tool is very useful for testing out the various JTAPI APIs and viewing the types of events that occur during a particular call flow.  JTAPI sample code is unfortunately pretty scarce.
Based on your fairly simple requirements, it may be sufficient to use the CURRI interface - where your app receives an HTTP POST with the calling/called party details - which is quite a bit easier to implement.
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