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Other 3pcc API's

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Created by: Engineering Department on 18-03-2010 07:41:27 PM
Currently our application uses TAPI to control any Cisco phone through the Cisco TSP. Is there a better way to do this? Better meaning, is there another API that would open more functionality of the phone (things like ring tones, display settings, mute button, etc...)? 
I am also looking for a solution that would be less combersome when deploying our software. In other words, deploying our software requires an installation and configuration of the TSP on every machine.

Subject: RE: Other 3pcc API's
Replied by: David Staudt on 18-03-2010 11:10:56 PM
The IP Phone Services API is primarily about using the LCD for XML browser-based apps, but it may provide a few bits of the control you're looking for - such as performing button pushes.  But, specifically ring-tones, mute control, and display settings are not able to be directly driven by APIs currently.
CTI/call-control apps can often be centralized onto a single server - i.e. an app on a host server controls many phones via a single TAPI/JTAPI connection to UCM, and client-apps on the PCs talk to the server app by some RPC mechanism to request CTI operations.  In this way the client app can be as lightweight (perhaps web-based click-to-call) or as heavy (perhaps a powerful win32 operator console application) as needed.
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