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Overhead for "complete" logging

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Created by: null on 28-09-2004 10:20:27 AM
Does "complete" logging add any notable overhead on the application server processor and/or disk IO activity? Is there a quantifiable or indicative number of concurrent calls that a given piece of hardware will be reduced by?

Thanks in advance.

Subject: RE: Overhead for "complete" logging
Replied by: null on 28-09-2004 10:06:05 PM
Unfortunately, we do not have any benchmarks on how much overhead the logging takes, but we do have plans on doing load tests to determine this figure.

There is overhead considerations when doing logging, just like there is for application server logging. There are a couple of considerations, though:

  • The overhead involved in opening and closing files is typically larger than actually writing to the logs. The Audium Server opens up a single log file per application and keeps that file open. It does not repeatedly open and close the file. Additionally, these files are opened when the application server is started and when the next log rotation happens (midnight), so there is minimal overhead here.

  • In the default installation, Audium uses a logging memory cache. When a logging event occurs, instead of storing that directly in the log, it is stored in the cache, which has a tiny amount of overhead. Only when the cache is filled or the call ends does that data actually get stored in the log, in one large chunk. So this would cut down on the overhead logging would normally inflict. There is still some, but not as much as if each logging event stored data in the log directly (which would happen if you make the logging cache small). So we trade memory usage for better performance. Again, we do not have a quantification of this improvement.

  • The size of the typical amount of data stored in the logs is very small, on the order of a single line of text. The only time there would be a lot of content stored in the log is if the developer themselves stored a lot or there is a stack trace printed in the error log. Even in these cases, we are not talking about 5-10K, it is usually less.

Sorry I couldn't provide more concrete numbers...
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