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Phonebook problems

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Created by: Niklas Andersson on 13-10-2009 09:33:41 PM
Im having trouble with the phonebook in the crestron module for TC2.
The phonebook is very slow so if i would like to stepp 3 pages down in the phonebook by pressing the down/next button 3 times before each page has loaded the page/entrys does not seem to be displayed in the right order, especially when i the press up or down again after that.
The error log also reports some array warning after this.
I have also had some error logs on buffer overflow on buffer inputs (string) when i press phonebook up/down many repeated times.
i thing the problem has something to do with the button just recalling a function at press and has no blocking of the function, so if i press the button repeatedly the function is busy and the program is waiting for response from the codec but the analog signal that controls the simpel+ module changes because its outside of the simpel+ module (just a analog increment).
Im controlling systems for the government that have/will have about 300-500 entrys in the phonebook so this must work flawlessly.
Have you noticed this?
Any rebuilding of the phonebook logic in progress?

Best regards

Subject: RE: Phonebook problems
Replied by: David Bruun-Lie on 19-10-2009 01:36:27 PM
Hi Niklas,
I have a new version of the crestron module ready which has some speed improvements, including the speed of the phonebook. I have also added a few more signals for indicating that the phonebook is "busy searching". You could easily connect this to the pager buttons to disallow repeated paging while the search is active. It can also be a good idea to show an hourglass or something to let the user know that something is going on. In addition I have added that the total matcing rows found is quickly populated as soon as the first line of the search result is received on the API.

The problem of the phonebook being slow is NOT the codec or network. Recalling the phonebook on the command line is fast. It has something to do with the Crestron Control system. I am still working with Crestron to get this fixed.

The new module should be out soon (although I cannot give you an exact date)


Subject: RE: Phonebook problems
Replied by: Timothy Shire on 08-04-2010 10:04:36 PM
I have the same problem i have a Corp Phonebook with 200 sites and i need a way to do fast page down and up or even a "last page" would help.

Is there any way you could preload the phonebook into the crestron and then just page from the crestron memory or a nvram file. 

And so the directory does not get out of sync provide a system to reload or at least a signal that would reload the dir.  Then in my program i can reload the phonebook at 11:00pm ever night. or provide a manual way to reload the directory.

Just a few thoughts.


Subject: RE: Phonebook problems
Replied by: David Bruun-Lie on 22-04-2010 11:07:10 AM
a good idea (for small corp phonebooks). There's no single command to get ALL corpdir entries listed - this could be painfully sloooow with e.g. TANDBERG, eh, I mean Ciscos internal corpdir where we have several thousands of entries (and taking into account that the Crestron controller uses about 3-4 seconds to parse just 8 entries)

You would have to build a routine that first gets the root contacts and folders and then recursively go through all subfolders and then store them in memory or nvram (I have never used nvram myself, maybe I should test it)


Subject: RE: Phonebook problems
Replied by: Bret Wittmann on 27-04-2010 11:09:46 PM
David -- I have been having problems getting the text fields to populate in the module -- I opened it up and found the simpl+ module but before I start messing with it - id thought Id write you for some help as well. I am on TC.30 --Thanks

Subject: RE: Phonebook problems
Replied by: Timothy Shire on 24-06-2010 09:14:47 PM
As i have not found a way to speed up the phonebook yet, i am going to go down a different path (Search).

My question is can i get the results of a search to be (starts with) or at min. Sorted by (Starts with).

example:  xCommand Phonebook Search PhonebookType: corporate SearchString: "t" Limit: 65534

I need it to return:

end results


end results

by doing this i can place 26 letters on the Touchpanel one for each letter and the results will start with that letter reducing the list to a manageable size given the slow loading times.

Any help would be great.

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