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Placing a special call to analog device

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Created by: Alex Iagovsky on 25-01-2010 01:19:06 PM
Hello . I'm working with CiscoTSP 4.1 driver , using TAPI .
I'm not familiar too much with TAPI / CISCO Call Manager.
We develop a web application  ( using .NET ) which among other things has to communicate with the CISCO Call Manager to do 2 tasks .
The first one ( monitoring of calls to specified line ) - I've completed successfully , using Julmar Atapi.dll (which is a wrapper for TAPI ).
The second is the following  :
The client has an analog device ( named "Pancode" ) which is basically opens a gate.
To open the gate today - the user calls the line ( which in Call Manager he connected to that device ) , the device answers , and then he sends a command to open the gate by dialing one more digit . 
( Like when you call to some service , and they have this "if you want him - dial 1 , her - dial 2.. etc ")
I need to do the same thing from my application - dial to a line , get some answer , and then send one more digit - to open the gate .
Can anyone please give me some direction - how to implement this with TAPI ??
Thanks .

Subject: RE: Placing a special call to analog device
Replied by: Anitha V on 04-02-2010 11:43:54 AM
Hi Alex,
I guess you could use api TSPI_lineMonitorDigits and the events
dwDevice = (DWORD) hCall;
dwCallbackInstance = (DWORD) hCallback;
dwParam1 = (DWORD) Digit;
dwParam2 = (DWORD) DigitMode;
dwParam3 = (DWORD) 0;
For more details you could refer to the TAPI developer guide about this TAPI API.
Thanks and Regards,
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