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Ports Used for TAPI Service Provider

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Created by: Engineering Department on 27-04-2009 10:02:49 PM
Does anyone know what ports are being used by the Cisco Telephony Service Provider?  A user of ours has the TSP configured properly and the Cisco lines are showing up in dialer however when we go to control the device using our application communication to CM is hindered somehow.  For instance, we can dial using our application but when the call is connected, we lose control of the line.  This leads me to believe that one or many of the ports necessary to use CTI (TAPI) are being blocked by either some virus protection software on the users computer or some router. 
I have been told by some that the port is 2748 but when a case was opened a while back with TAC, the TAC engineer said that there are many ports being used.  Any help would be appreciated.

Subject: RE: Ports Used for TAPI Service Provider
Replied by: David Staudt on 28-04-2009 01:20:29 AM
2748 is the main port for CTI communications (2749 if secured via TLS), there are a few other ports for accessory purposes (i.e. the jtprefs tool to change log levels) but those would not interfere with normal operation.
It does sound like intermittent network communication - one common problem is that the NIC settings on the app server and switch are different: speed, duplex, auto-negotiation.
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