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Prerequisite for CVP development course

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Created by: Jin Tiam Loh on 09-11-2009 09:15:05 AM
Hi All,
I've been reading a few articles / course outline where some form of programming background is required prior to taking the course. Anyone able to elaborate to what extend the programming background is required as in any specific language, etc?
Also, I was told that in Call Studio we are able to create additional components/objects using Java (outside from Call Studio). To what extend CVP scripts can be enhanced by incorporating Java objects?

Subject: RE: Prerequisite for CVP development course
Replied by: Janine Graves on 09-11-2009 01:56:05 PM
Hi JT,
You don't need any programming background at all for the CVP Developer class as Studio is a graphical programming tool.
During the class the instructor will explain everything needed to work with Studio, including understanding the call flow between the VxmlGateway, Vxml Server, ASR/TTS Servers,ICM, etc. You will also learn about VXML properties and timers that affect the application and how to set them; how to handle VXML exceptions that occur occasionally; how to catch unrecoverable exceptions (Error element) and pass data back to ICM to handle them, etc.
The last day or so of the class demonstrates how to extend the Studio tool using Java components and how the application developer can implement, use, update, maintain such Java components. It doesn't require any knowledge of Java for that part of the course as we use pre-written code that I've written for this purpose. If you know some Java, then you can try modifying these Java demo components. If you don't know Java, then you can just work with the pre-written code.
In reality, you will probably want someone on staff who knows some Java so they can create extra Java components and new elements for Studio to extend its functionality and make it a very usable tool. Things like creating elements to grab Substrings, Search&Replace, StringLength, DateValidation - all these things are easy in Java, but don't come with Studio out-of-the-box (O O B ).
If you have any further questions regarding training, please feel free to contact me here or directly at
Regards, Janine Graves
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