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Questions Concerning the CTIOS

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Created by: MOHAMMAD SHAHZAD on 04-03-2010 06:29:20 PM
We are using IPCC with ICM 7.5.7, CCM 6.1.4 and Cisco CUBE 3945. About 95% of our agents are remote (mobile) agents. During our monitoring software implementation, we have seen the following in the CTIOS logs and were wondering if someone could shed more light on the following questions.  
- It seems that we are only getting one RTP_STARTED event for each call and that event is showing an direction. If only one RTP event is received then the direction should be ¿bi-directional¿ and the RTP stream should have both/all parties in the conversation. Otherwise we should receive two RTP events, one ¿input¿ and
     one ¿output¿.
- The ICM RTP event has ClientAddress and ClientPort. This should be the location of the RTP stream and is the address/port we¿re monitoring.  Again, if there is only one stream, then we may only be recording one side of the conversation.
- In our network, where should we be tapping to be able to see the address/port specified in the CTIOS log? We¿re currently tapping the 3945¿s and do not see the traffic specified in the ICM logs.
     What are we doing wrong?
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