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Re: New Message from Reach Company in Customer Voice Portal (CVP) - General

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Created by: Janine Graves on 12-09-2010 04:12:33 PM
The Application Transfer is like a 'go to' where you leave app XX for good.

If you want to go and come back, use the Subdialog_Invoke element within the Subdialog Elements/ folder.

You can pass data as Parameters (name=value pairs), and receive data back (by name) using the Return field.

Within app YY (being invoked) start with General/Subdialog_Start (name the Parameters being received) and return back to XX using General/Subdialog_Return and return data if you like (name=value pairs).

Back in XX, the returned data will be stored as element data for the Subdialog_Invoke element.

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Subject: New Message from Reach Company in Customer Voice Portal (CVP) - General Discussion - All Versions: need element in CVP call studio :::call application and return to same poi

Reach Company has created a new message in the forum "General Discussion - All Versions":

Hi All,
I have the call studio application name XX,call other call studio application name YY,need from XX application call YY application ,and return to same point in XX application to continue call flow
I try to Use application transfer element in call studio , but not return me to same point i called application YY from it.

Kind Regards
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Subject: RE: Re: New Message from Reach Company in Customer Voice Portal (CVP) - Gen
Replied by: Hemal Mehta on 13-09-2010 02:09:44 AM
Just to add, syudio CVP subdialog internally invokes the subialog element:
<subdialog name="test" src="#NewApp.vxml"> 

It always come back within the current context or the point from where it is called.
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