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Say It Smart - Set of wav files

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Created by: Eric van der Knaap on 06-12-2013 09:53:06 AM

I'm currently doing a small pilot using Say It Smart with currencies and dates and I'm having weird results for English. I'm pointing the Say It Smart audio prompts to the /en-us/sys folder of our Media Server. For currencies, it works but it's one voice for the numbers, and another for "dollars" and "cents". One is male and the other is female so it sounds kinda of funny.

For dates, I had to do a copy say of 17ord.wav to 17th.wav in order to make it work. (Of course for all numbers from 1 to 31)

So I'm starting to think I do not have the correct set of .wav files. Or did anyone using Say It Smart had the same issues?

As a secondary question, from what I understood I will have to create a custom element in French to read the dates differently, as it's "6 décembre 2013", so in the "Day Month Year" format instead of "December 6, 2013" which is in the "Month Day Year" format. And we'll have to record all the possible .wav files by ourselves as there are no French set of .wav files?


Subject: Re: New Message from Eric van der Knaap in Customer Voice Portal (CVP) - Ge
Replied by: Janine Graves on 06-12-2013 04:45:29 PM
You are correct. Cisco audio files do not include the correct files for
the ordinals (1st.wav, 2nd.wav, etc) for say it smarts.
The last time I asked (about 4 years ago), I was told  "the customer
must record the audio files using their own voice talent anyway, so they
can create the ordinals then"
It's just a 'coincidence' that the CVP audio files (which work for ICM
microapps) are almost identical to the files needed for SayItSmart.

And yes, you'll have to write your own Say it Smart to speak dates in
the proper order (day of month, rather than month-day), and then you'll
have to record the files in French.

Same is probably true if you are using the Number or Currency say it smart.

Subject: RE: Re: New Message from Eric van der Knaap in Customer Voice Portal (CVP)
Replied by: Eric van der Knaap on 09-12-2013 12:46:43 PM
Thanks Janine for the reply ! You answered all my questions.
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