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Created by: Mert Guray on 07-05-2009 08:46:43 AM
How do you make a search, when you want to find something throuhout a previously developed application? Is there any facility for that?
For example if iwant to find all the CVP Subreturn elements in the application, or if i want to fine where i have used or set a specific elementData or sessionData. These examples may be increased to hundreds. Is there a practical way you do for these other then going thhrough the application page by page, element by element. Or do you prefer to search the xml outputs of the application by a smart text editor?

Subject: RE: Search in Studio
Replied by: Kamesh Chidambaram on 07-05-2009 04:38:54 PM
I am not aware of a built-in function that does a search.  However, this is what I use to seach for variables, element names etc.  I do a content search on the workspace directory for the required name.   Since the script is stored as a set of text files, this makes the search easier.
The directory names under deploy, correspond to callflow\pages correspond to the various pages and the filenames correspond to element names.   All the variables, settings etc are in the XML contents.  So once you get used to it, its fairly easy.
Infact, its very useful when you want to rename a variable or element name across the application.

Subject: RE: Search in Studio
Replied by: Christopher LeBlanc on 07-05-2009 07:31:36 PM
The only way currently to search for an element is to use the Outline View in Call Studio.  We are looking into adding this Element Search feature in the next release of Call Studio.  Thanks for the question.
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