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Session replication and load balancers

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Created by: null on 28-09-2004 10:05:50 AM
If session replication is working timely and accurately, does a load balancer need to be "sticky"? If not, will Audium logs be unusable?

Thanks in advance.

Subject: RE: Session replication and load balancers
Replied by: null on 28-09-2004 10:47:54 PM
Technically, if session replication is running correctly, you don't need to have sticky load balancers, though, yes, the logs would be spread out between the two systems.

Even so, a load balancer will typically want to have more than 2 machines in its cluster, so in that case it would still need to be able to keep one machine and its backup separate from another machine and its backup. So it would still need to be sticky if there are, say, 4 pairs of machines and their backups, unless each of the 8 machines are backups of the other 7 which would be sheer lunacy.

Again, since setting up session replication to be accurate all the time is tough, it is much safer to use sticky load balancers and then the test of whether you have configured session replication correctly will come only when there is a failure on a pimary machine. Without a sticky load balancer, every call will be testing whether session replication is working, and from our experience, that is not a test you want to be making on a per-call basis!

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