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sharing a project - recommendations?

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Created by: Janine Graves on 30-11-2006 04:34:19 AM

Customer has 2 people working on the same Studio application, what recommendations do you have for how they can both work on the same project and later merge it all into one complete final project/app? Customer does NOT have CVS.

I recommended that they create the project with all the pages and then they each work on their own project's pages. Later they copy/paste the code for each page. Is there any easier way than copy/paste the elements from one app to another? Is there an elegant way to bring in completed pages other than copy/paste of the elements in studio?


Subject: RE: sharing a project - recommendations?
Replied by: Michael Bochynski on 30-11-2006 02:35:32 PM

The only solution in this scenario would be to open both applications and copy/paste elements. This is the safest method that allows you to avoid costly errors down the road. Note that during copy/paste action Studio performs validation and checks for potential errors.

The option of copying page folders on a file system into one project, while sounds easy, is strongly discouraged, since it will most likely break your application. Note that when you do any operation on the files directly, you are going around Studio integrity checks. This is strongly discouraged since it might lead to breaking the application.

The copy/paste method, if not using the source control system, is your safest bet and can help to avoid many errors down the road.

Hope it helps,

Subject: RE: sharing a project - recommendations?
Replied by: Janine Graves on 01-12-2006 03:15:50 AM
Thanks Michael, I thought so, but just wanted to check.

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