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Simultaneous prompts?

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Created by: Christopher Nagel on 18-08-2010 08:55:12 PM
Is there any mechanism that anyone knows about or has devised to play multiple prompts simultaneously?
I'm thinking that it'd be really smooth to have a voice come in over MOH to announce updated wait times.
Maybe using a streaming server that can multiplex audio as it streams?  Or maybe CVP can just do it...?

Subject: RE: Simultaneous prompts?
Replied by: Hemal Mehta on 19-08-2010 08:25:45 PM
What is the purpose behind playing multiple prompts simultaneously. Also based on voicexml specs and the way it works, when you place one audio element after another, it will process the first one and then go to the next one.
Of course each platform processes the audio streaming differently but that is more in relation to how it fetches and processes the file etc.   I have written multi threaded apps spawning multiple different processes each with its own execution env, however haven't tried playing two prompts simultaneously.  

Subject: RE: Simultaneous prompts?
Replied by: Hemal Mehta on 21-08-2010 02:57:58 PM
One option for sure is to have the two simultaneous prompts recorded as one audio and then play it as single audio.
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