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SIP Trunk configured for DNS SRV not getting INVITES

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Created by: Ashraf Khandwalla on 26-03-2010 02:52:42 PM
I have a SIP Trunk configured with a DNS SRV destination address; a device configured for automatic recording; a recording profile, etc configured to associate the trunk to the device. 
None of my servers in the DNS SRV record get a SIP INVITE when the device answers the call.
A quick look at the Call Manager sdi logs seem to indicate a DNS query failure.
03/25/2010 16:53:20.660 CCM|//SIP/SIPDns(1,53,1)/wait_SdlDnsSrvRecordRsp: (DNS A or AAAA query called as SRV query Fail), ReqType=1,serversused=0

The query is successful when I run it in the Call Manager CLI:
utils network host srv

Local Resolution:
Nothing found

External Resolution: SRV 0 0 5060 SRV 0 0 5060 SRV 0 0 5060

The query is also successful when I run it using nslookup.
I am not sure why the CLI would be able to run the query but the CCM service would not.
Appreciate any ideas anyone might have. Thanks.
CCM version 7.1.3

Subject: RE: SIP Trunk configured for DNS SRV not getting INVITES
Replied by: Giggesh Thekkekeloth on 02-07-2010 02:58:03 PM
Hi Ashraf,
Upon reading your descritption of the issue, it seems we will need ccm sdi/sdl traces in detailed level, with "enabled sip stack tracing" selected for analsying this issue.
Kindly open a Developer Support Service Request  with the trace, if you have an active Developer Services Subscription contract for detailed assistance:
Kindly go to this link for further details:
Still have a question on contract ? Contact us at
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