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SIP Trunk Message

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Created by: Augustine Mathew on 30-07-2013 02:39:19 PM
Hi,We are in the process of integrating out call recorder with cisco CUCM using active recording feature that uses SIP trunk. Please provide the answers of following questions that related to SIP trunk call recording and BIB phones.

1) From the SIP trunk messages to recorder (INVITE, ACK, UPDATE and BYE), How to get the actual direction (incoming all to agent or outgoing call from the agent) of a call that established between agent and customer,  without using CTI.

2) What is the cisco licenses required for call recoding using Active recording option with SIP trunk? Phone with BIB capability is the one constraint we know. Is there any license for SIP trunk that attached with Record profile? For selective recording using CTI, is there any license for CTI?

3) What is the preferred Transport layer protocol for SIP when SIP trunk using for active recording?
4) From the SIP Trunk message to recorder, is there any way to get the trunk number that is using in an external call?

5) Does BIB support G729ab and G729?

6) Does BIB support the feature of sending stereo voice to the recorder in a single session? I know it is against the RTP standards, just wanted to check since it is proprietary implementation.

Jais T Mathew
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