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SIP trunk recording

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Created by: Chris Kingsley on 12-08-2010 08:16:30 PM
I have cucm nfr 8.0(2) and trying to develop sip trunk recording.  I have followed the instructions for setting up the device, sip trunk, route pattern, recording profile, etc.  The system will not generate an INVITE message to my recorder.
Do I need to license the cucm nfr system in order for the sip trunk to work?  I get a license warning when I login to the Administration and it shows it in demo mode.
Also, if I dial the DN of the sip trunk from a station, I get a fast busy as soon as I hit the first digit.

Subject: RE: SIP trunk recording
Replied by: Chris Kingsley on 12-08-2010 08:56:43 PM
I had to enable the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App,  but it is still not working.
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