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Sip Trunk - Voicemail

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Created by: Alexander Wolf on 14-12-2009 01:16:33 PM
I have connected a SIP-Trunk with a 3rd party voicmail application. The signaling works well but I have
a problem with the SIP protocoll, in more detail with the SIP-diversion header:
The 3rd party voicemail application uses (as usual) the diversion header in order to determine which voicebox is responsible if a caller calls the voicebox and wanna leave a message. The SIP-Trunk and the Routepattern that points to the SIP-Trunk are both 'OffNet' classified. So, the whole phone redirection number (e.g. 004342334233333) should be in the SIP-diversion header. But unfortunately this is not case, but only the extension (e.g. 2333333) is in the diversion header. Because the extension without country code and area code is not unique in our system, it cannot be determined which voicmail box is called.
Does anyone know, if it is possible to adjust that the whole phone number should be transimitted in the diversion header of the SIP.
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