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SoftKey - Next screen notification ?

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Created by: Arvind Sharma on 25-01-2011 01:05:12 PM
Is there a way to find out if the Next (correct) screen has appeared on the Phone when a Softkey is pressed ?
On some customer site I have noticed that, for some reason, some of the phones (e.g. 7975 ) takes little longer to react to the Softkey pressed. The side effect of this is that my application goes on the press the next Softkey in line - while the screen is still on the older setup - resulting in error.
I see that for every Softkey pressed I do get "Success" in the XSI response. Is that returned after the CTI makes sure that the next screen on the phone is available ?
Is there any way to find/confirm that the new screen has appeared on the phone in response to the last Softkey press ?
CUCM - 8.0
JTAPI Client - 7.1

Subject: RE: SoftKey - Next screen notification ?
Replied by: Joseph Moskie on 27-01-2011 12:38:46 AM
Assuming you are using the sendData() API on CiscoTerminal, no, the success message does not mean that the phone has acted on the data in any way. It just means that JTAPI was able to hand off the data to the next layer, and that layer was able to communicate with the phone. It is not indicative of any status of the phone's screens or softkey presses.

For now, your best best is throwing in a adequate sleep() between softkey presses.
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