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Support for Personal Communicator / CSF

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Created by: Stephan Steiner on 11-06-2010 12:00:02 PM
We do have one customer (rather large one.. we're looking at a worldwide rollout of serveral thousand devices) that will be rolling out CUP soon, and where we already have a significant investment in JTAPI based app.
Amongst other things, we have our own outbound dialer. With CUP, the customer is looking at both hardphone control as well as softphone mode. And the latter is where the problems start - the outbound dialer will have to pick the proper device. When in hardphone mode, the hardphone should be used, and when in softphone mode, the softphone should be used to dial out. My colleagues that install the CCM/CUP part have made some tests with our current software to demonstrate how the rollout will look, and have found that the softphone part doesn't work at all - issue number one is detecting which mode is active, though they tell me that information can be recovered from the client machine (so I think that part won't be much of an issue because a part of the dialing logic sits on each client and the client could be extended to provide that information to the dialing server).
However, it seems to be impossible to control / monitor the Personal Communicator (for CUP7) and CSF (for CUP8) devices. I've had my colleagues try the webdialer as well as the JTAPI test tool and they haven't managed to place a call with either - which seems to underline that those devices are a nogo.
Are we doing anything wrong here or is this as it should be?

Subject: RE: Support for Personal Communicator / CSF
Replied by: David Staudt on 11-06-2010 05:07:11 PM
I can confirm CUPC/CSF does not currently support CTI.  Normally devices which are not CTI supported should fail when trying to open with 'restricted' error, however there is a known defect (CSCtg58868) where CUPC does not report its CTI support status (i.e. none) correctly, possibly leading to confusion as you describe.

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