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Supported/certified and compatible operating systems and application server

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Created by: null on 29-09-2004 12:25:20 PM
Getting Started Guide - 4 Dec 2003 has, amongst others, the following:
Win2K SP3
Sun Solaris 9 (with Caucho Resin app server only)

Training slides for Admin/Install has Win2K SP2. Are both SP3 and SP2 supported? Is one recommended over the other?

Is Tomcat 4.1.24 a supported application server on Solaris? The guide and slides all say "Sun Solaris (with Caucho ... only).

Thanks in advance

Subject: RE: Supported/certified and compatible operating systems and application se
Replied by: null on 29-09-2004 06:18:09 PM
Both SP2 and SP3 are fine. There really isn't a difference between the two with regards to Audium so each one is fine.

Tomcat on Solaris is not certified, only Resin is. Now, obviously, since we've certified it on Linux, it will most likely run in Solaris without any problems. Its just that we have not certified that combination because we do not currently have any customers that demand it. If you train a company that says it is likely they will use a special OS/app server combination, let us know and we'll look into certifying that combination. We've certainly did that with other customers in the past.

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