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TANDBERG HD Camera 12X SMPTE Standards

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Created by: Steve Babcock on 07-07-2011 05:55:07 PM

I was reading an old posting on this site that said there was going to be a new revision of this camera at the end of Q1 2011.

Are the SMPTE standards still going to be 274M and 296M?

I have 4 Tandberg camera's "rev5" installed into a AV system connected to an Extron SMX 200 switcher with an 44 MultiRate Card (SDI/HD-SDI) and a Pesa VidBLOX 3G-SL-C  converter  to a TANDBERG C60 and we are seeing gliches and flashes to black.



Subject: RE: TANDBERG HD Camera 12X SMPTE Standards
Replied by: Jonas Tysso on 08-07-2011 10:31:50 AM
Hi Steve,

the new revision of the PrecisionHD 12x has an improved HD-SDI signal driver. Nothing is changed with regards to standards, so yes, it is still going to be SMPTE 274M and 296M compliant. This camera will be available in Q3/Q4. With the current revision we have seen that particular cable types and lengths might give video black outs, not distortion or glitches on the video.

Are you able to bypass the Extron SMX 200 to see if the issue persists using the Pesa VidBLOX 3G-SL-C converter only? Do you see glitches on the whole image, or only parts of it? What HD-SDI cable lengths do you use ? We recommend using cables in the 3-100 m range.



Subject: RE: TANDBERG HD Camera 12X SMPTE Standards
Replied by: Steve Babcock on 19-07-2011 03:38:37 PM
Hi Jonas,

Yes we did bypass the Extron switcher and got the same problem.

The gliches and flashing to black happens randomly. We also get a green randomly across the screen as well.
We are using beldem RG6 cable the longest run is about 100 feet.

When we tested the system using an Extron test generator the image was solid.

Do you know if anyone anyone has connected 4 cameras using the HD-SDI ouput to a switcher and a HD-SDI converter to a Tandberg C60?