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Time left for a meeting to start?

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Created by: Sunit Katkar on 22-04-2013 11:37:57 PM
I am using the WEBEX URL API.   
We need to provide a webpage on our website where user can enter his/her First Name, Last Name, Email Id and then click "Join Meeting". On clicking this button the user should be allowed to join a meeting if its in progress, or should be shown a message that the meeting is over and show details of the meeting like playback the recorded meeting, etc.
As per the Webex URL API, we are using the m.php?AT=JE command. This command works fine if the meeting/event is in progress. However, if the meeting has not yet started then we get the correct error code "EventIsNotInProgress"
Q1) Is there some API where we can query how much time is left before the meeting starts?
Q2) Suppose a meeting is over (finished) and a registered attendee clicks on Join meeting. What happens next? What response/error code do we get from the API?
Q3) Since we are using the Site Events feature to schedule Events and we also record the event, is there a programmatic API way to redirect registered attendee to the playback of the event when user clicks JOIN MEETING.  

Subject: RE: Time left for a meeting to start?
Replied by: Nathan Morrow on 23-04-2013 12:44:40 PM
     URL API cannot differentiate between event that has finished or not yet occured. You will get EventNotInProgress either way. You can use XML API to retrieve schedule details using LstSummarySession or LstSummaryEvent, incuding scheduled start time for an event and use that information to determine whether it has yet to occur or is already over. XML API can also retrieve recording playback URL using LstRecording.

Subject: RE: Time left for a meeting to start?
Replied by: Sunit Katkar on 23-04-2013 11:12:48 PM
Hi Nathan,
Thanks for the reply. I too was thinking on the same lines that I will have to use the XML API to get the additional information. I will update you when I finish this project.
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