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TSP Media Driver 32/64 bit

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Created by: Axel Becker on 14-03-2012 06:33:52 AM
we are currently implementing the new Media Driver. It works fine in a 32 bit environment.
If I install the 64 bit TSP in a 64 bit environment there is no cmrtplib.dll. There is only a cmrtplib64.dll.
Does that mean that the Media Driver Interface in a 64 bit environment can used only by a 64 bit application? Not by a 32 bit application....
In the developers guide I found nothing about the cmrtplib64.dll.

Subject: RE: TSP Media Driver 32/64 bit
Replied by: Praveen Thilakendranath on 16-03-2012 08:05:39 AM
Hi Alex,

I believe the 64 bit TSP including the media driver is compatible/ designed to work with  x64 applications only.
So your assumptions are correct.

I am not sure if there are any latest developments /plans from Cisco to provide a common interface for
both x86 and x64 applications.
If anyone on this forum has any inputs, feel free to let us know.


Subject: RE: TSP Media Driver 32/64 bit
Replied by: David Staudt on 16-03-2012 05:05:51 PM
The 64-bit TSP must be used in conjunction with a 64-bit OS and 64-bit compiled applications - all components 64-bit.  This is a requirement due to limitations in the Microsoft TSP extensions mechanism.
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