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Unique id of call and CTI OS events

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Created by: Abdul Rasheed on 13-11-2009 04:53:01 PM
         If a call is monitored using the following 3 methods
1. SCCP decode of data monitored through a span port
2.    SIP trunk monitoring
3.  CTI OS Filter monitor events
If the call is monitored using either method 1 or 2 , along with method 3 .   Is there any unique id like call id  which is common to match the details captured using method 1 or 2 and method 3. i think THe sccp call id or SIP call id is not available in CTI OS events .If somebody can advice on this , it will be of great help
Abdul Rasheed

Subject: RE: Unique id of call and CTI OS events
Replied by: Abdul Rasheed on 24-11-2009 05:45:31 AM
Hi ,
  Please let me know if anybody can help me on this subject.
Abdul Rasheed

Subject: RE: New Message from Abdul Rasheed in Computer Telephony Integration Object
Replied by: David Lender on 24-11-2009 02:07:29 PM
You are correct, there is no unique sip or sccp call id available in
CTIOS (or ICM CTI Server) events. 
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