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Unique phone id or user

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Created by: koen bekaert on 14-05-2009 09:30:48 AM
Does anyone knows how to trigger a user from a cisco phone?
When we are trying to create a personal addressbook from the phone, the user can add his personal info (name, lastname, phonenumber), but this info is accessible from every user (so it's not personal :-) , how can the phone send his user information (who's logged in, whats my line number, logged in information from extension mobility,..) can this be done by a xml service? can we query the phone to display this info?
anyone has some ideas?

Subject: RE: Unique phone id or user
Replied by: David Staudt on 14-05-2009 01:40:20 PM
It's not entirely clear to me what the application should do, but certainly the IP Phone XML Services SDK would allow you to create interactive phone applications tied to back-end data and logic programs.
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