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User/EndPoint Provisioning API Suport from VCS or TMS

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Created by: Guru Prusty on 22-11-2011 06:46:10 AM
I work for CUPM [Cisco Unified Provisioning Manager] team and wrt Tandberg End point provisioning I had few questions.

1. Is there any web-services API exposed from TMS which can be used for infrastructure and user provisioning of Tandberg endpoints?
2. Is there any API exposed from VCS which can be used for infrastructure and user/end point provisioning of Tandberg endpoints?
3. What I understand the provisioning feature available today in TMS talks to VCS through TMS Agent. What is protocol used for this communication? Can this method be used by CUPM so that CUPM talks to the TMS Agent inside VCS to do any kind of provisioning?

Any pointer or reference for these APIs will be helpful. What I am looking for is some kind of API exposed from VCS or TMS which can be used by CUPM for Tandberg end point provisioning.
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